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IN PRODUCTION: Middlebury History Videos

July 22, 2010
NEW: Middlebury History Videos, short pieces on the history of Middlebury, requiring only 2 hours production time each. What areas of Middlebury would you like documented? Have any good stories about Middlebury history? Interested in becoming a producer or researcher? Let us know!

“Easy Rider” at Town Hall Theater

July 20, 2010

Join MCTV and THT this Sunday (July 25, 7 p.m.) for Dennis Hopper’s “Easy Rider,” tickets $2 at the door. Expand Your Mind: The 60’s in Cinema comes to Middlebury this summer as the second installment in MCTV’s and THT Summer Film Series, bringing classic cinema to Middlebury’s best screen!

MCTV Expands Festival Coverage

July 20, 2010

For years, MCTV has used three cameras to record the Festival on the Green broadcast, but this year we added a fourth camera! You might have noticed it on the right side of the stage, and you’ll see footage from the performances in which the performers are silhouetted against the stage lights — with the audience in the background. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of yourself, your friends, or your family. We’re excited about the additional camera and the 360 degrees of coverage we can now record. Thanks to Fred Thodal for technical assistance with setting up the new camera.

Festival on the Green Wrap-up

July 20, 2010

This summer Festival shoot was a great success, with a new group of interns and volunteers producing the broadcast with only minimal help from MCTV staff. Many thanks to interns Kaylee and Andrew, and well as volunteers Kevin, Wendy, Glen, and Bob!

Behind-the-Scenes: Green Screen

July 8, 2010

Some images from the green screen shoot for the LCA II short (look for it on METV next week, 6 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday):

NEW Episodes: Raw Foods Show with Elcin Oflaz

July 8, 2010

Look for all new episodes of the Raw Foods Show with Elcin Oflaz on MCTV. Photos from behind the scenes of the recent shoot:

Intergallactic Comedy/Adventure Coming Soon!

July 6, 2010

The students in MCTV’s Lights, Camera, Action II (LCA II) class are going into production on a new short film that will follow aliens, astronauts, and earthlings through a day of adventure and intergallactic travel. Look for it soon on METV!

LCA II is a new workshop that builds upon skills students learned in LCA I. In this new class, the students take charge directing, shooting, and writing a short film — as well as running the set themselves and developing brainstorming and negotiating skills. Teachers Heath Rumble and Nikki Morse offer guidance, but ultimately the decisions are made by the students themselves. This week the students are focusing on special effects, planning to use green screen technology to create the interstellar world of the film.