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New Videos Online

July 27, 2011

1.) Simon Barenbaum: Recollections of Allied Landings

2.) DRB 07/25/11

3.) Las Promesas de Dios Ep 5 (07/20/11)

4.) Memorial Baptist Church Service 07/24/11

5.) Middlebury Congregational Church Service 07/24/11

6.) Festival on the Green 11: Street Dance

7.) Selectboard 07/26/11

8.) Vershire Church 07/25/11


New Programming on the Air

July 27, 2011

1.) Lights Camera Action 07/21/11

2.) Congregational Church 07/24/11

3.) Festival 2011: Street Dance

4.) Memorial Baptist Church 07/24/11

5.) Congregational Church 07/16/11

6.) Vermont Today #40

7.) DRB 07/25/11

8.) Selectboard 07/26/11

9.) Mid East Digest 07/20/11

10.) Lifelines

11.) Vermont Workers Center Health Care Rally

12.) Vershire Church 07/20/11

13.) Ilsley: It’s Alive!

14.) Las Promesas de Dios Episode 5

15.) Dynamic Landscapes

16.) CVPS Press Conference (July 12th)

17.) Vershire Church 07/25/11

18.) Dynamic Landscapes

19.) Simon Barenbaum: Recollections of Allied Landings

20.) For the Animals

21.) Pets of the Week 07/25/11

New Videos Online

July 21, 2011

1.) Bud Smith with Chris Zeoli 07/14/11

2.) Middlebury Congregational Church Service 07/17/11

3.) Memorial Baptist Church Service 07/17/11 

4.) DRB 07/11/11

5.) Selectboard 07/12/11





New Programming on the Air

July 19, 2011

1.) Congregational Church 07/10/11

2.) DRB 07/11/11

3.) Selectboard 07/12/11

4.) Festival 2011: Baye Kouyate

5.) Festival 2011: Babik

6.) Festival 2011: Jean Rohe Trio

7.) Mid East Digest: Isi Leibler

8.) C0ngregational Church 07/16/11

9.) Salaam Shalom

10.) VSO 06/13/11

11.) Catholic Mass 07/17/11

12.) Festival 2011: Jez Lowe

13.) Festival 2011: Chamberlin

14.) Memorial Baptist Church 07/10/11

15.) For the Animals: Dr. Laurie Barcelow

16.) Memorial Baptist Church 07/17/11

17.) Festival 2011: Vishten

18.) Festival 2011: Mollie O’Brien

19.) Bud Smith with Chris Zeoli 07/14/11

20.) Catholic Mass 07/24/11

21.) Awareness Theater 05/26/11

22.) Ilsley: It’s Alive!

23.) Festival 2011: Sims and Lavoie

24.) Congregational Church 07/17/11

25.) Pet of the Week 07/14/11

26.) Festival 2011: Parkington Sisters

27.) Festival 2011: Steel Drivers

28.) Festival 2011: Defibulators

Summer Interns at MCTV

July 18, 2011

The Staff Page on MCTV’s website has just been updated to introduce the newest MCTV interns! Check it out, as well as the press release for more on the young people who are helping to keep MCTV running this summer:

Middlebury Community Television welcomes a new group of summer interns to the PEG Access television station, located on the third floor of Ilsley Public Library. Each year, MCTV interns learn video production skills as they contribute to the running of the station, help create and distribute programming by and for the local community, and craft individual projects with the support of MCTV staff.
This year’s interns are a diverse group. Kaylee Mumford, a sophomore from New Haven, returns to MCTV to hone her editing skills. She is also serving as assistant producer for Ramona Guadalupe’s bilingual program “Las Promesas de Dios.” “I’ve throughly enjoyed previous work at MCTV and am excited about being an intern this summer,” she says.

Two middle school interns, who have demonstrated a knowledge of video that belies their age, are sharing their knowledge with their peers as part of MCTV’s summer video camps. Jacob Klemmer will be entering the eighth grade at MUMS in September. He is the lead guitarist and vocalist for his band, The One Eyed Jacks, and he will be helping teach MCTV’s music video camp and assisting with the annual broadcast of the Festival-on-the-Green. Jacob was the winner of Ilsley Library and MCTV’s 2010 Teen Video Challenge.

Jack Brisson is a fourteen-year-old homeschooled filmmaker who completed and premiered a half-hour period epic last year, “The Heir of Gall.” He will be helping teach MCTV’s Movie Making camp, and is also assisting with editing, blogging, and other tasks at the station. “I am eager to learn the art of film and cannot wait for more opportunities to work with MCTV,” he says.

This summer, MCTV’s interns include two students from the Hannaford Career Center’s Art and Design program, taught by Lisa Rader. Stephanie Hamblin and Zak Crapo will be working on design concepts for MCTV’s new website, as well as designing promotional materials, t-shirts, and other publicity for the station. Stephanie is a senior at Mount Abraham Union High School, and has also attended the Hannaford Career Center. She’s an artist, aspiring to become a designer for a video game development company. Zak is sixteen years old and will be a senior at Middlebury Union High School this upcoming fall. He is hoping to study graphic design in college.

Andrew Rainville rejoins MCTV to assist with the Festival-on-the-Green broadcast. Andrew is a student at Mount Abraham, and a veteran of MCTV’s Festival broadcast. He won the Vermont/Collaborative Library Summer Program’s “You Are Here” 2011 video challenge.

MCTV is always looking for volunteers and interns to help foster community media and local dialogue while learning media production skills. To learn more and get involved, contact Outreach Coordinator Nikki Morse at or 388-3062.

It’s Alive: Animation with MCTV and Ilsley

July 18, 2011

Kids making a stop motion animationThis week (July 18-22) kids are invited to drop in to the Ilsley Youth Department to create their own stop-motion animation at an animation station provided by MCTV. The animations are available on YouTube. Check out the facebook album to see the animation station in action, and see all of the films to date here.

New Programming on the Air

July 14, 2011

1.) Congregational Church 07/10/11

2.) DRB 07/11/11

3.) Selectboard 07/12/11

4.) Festival 2011 Baye Kouyate

5.) Festival 2011 Jean Rohe Trio

6.) Mid East Digest Isi Leibler

7.) Vershire Church 07/06/11

8.) Salaam Shalom: 86

9.) VSO 06/13/11

10.) The Truth: A Young Adult Perspective On Alcohol & Drug Abuse

11.) Pet of the Week 06/30/11

12.) Festival 2011 Jez Lowe

13.) Festival 2011 Chamberlin

14.) Memorial Baptist Church 07/10/11

15.) For the Animals: Dr Laurie Barcelow

16.) Lights, Camera, Action:  June 2011

17.) Festival 2011 Vishten

18.) Festival 2011 Mollie O’Brien

19.) Bud Smith Interviews Chris Zeoli 07/14/11

20.) Ilsley: “It’s Alive” (Animation Workshop)

21.) Awareness Theater 05/26/11

22.) Festival 2011 Steel Drivers

23.) Dynamic Landscapes

24.) Hunger Free Vermont

25.) Las Promesas de Dios 07/06/11

26.) Pet of the Week 07/07/11

27.) FEMA Assistance for Vermont Disaster Areas 07/05/2011

28.) Local Media 07/05/11

29.) Vt Coverts 06/08/11

MCTV at the Festival on the Green

July 14, 2011

Volunteer producers make our coverage possible! Thanks to:

Andrew, Khando, Jacob, Max, Jill, Heath, Wendy, Kevin, Micah, Jesse, Jody, Margie, and Jim for helping us with this year’s broadcast!


Festival on the Green

Festival on the Green


Festival on the Green

Festival on the Green

Festival on the Green

Festival-on-the-Green 2011

July 12, 2011

MCTV is taping the Festival-on-the-Green for broadcast every evening. Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers and interns who make this broadcast possible! More photos to come.

Intern Switching at the Festival

Top Ten Videos: June 2011

July 6, 2011

1.) Vibrant Vermonters: Not-Just Art Auction

2.) MUHS Graduation 6/11/11

3.) Hsiao Testimony to Healthcare Reform Committee 8/05/10

4.) Middlebury Community Winds Ensemble April ’11

5.) Selectboard 04/26/11

6.) Selectboard 06/14/11

7.) Acorn Energy Coop Series: Solar Decathlon

8.) Pets of the Week 06/07/11

9.) Selectboard 05/24/11

10.) Animal News: Special Report 06/02/11