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August’s Most Popular Videos

September 3, 2013

Sorry, I was on vacation as July ended, so I’m skipping right to August!  Local politics drove most of our online viewing, as the debate over the Town Offices and Recreational Facility is the focus of a lot of meetings.  Our new Superintendent of ACSU Schools has also started, and you can view him in the recent ID#4 School Board Meeting below.

1.  Town Offices & Recreation Center Steering Committee Meeting (8/20/13)


2.  ID#4 Board Meeting (8/12/13)


3.  Middlebury Five-O with Barnaby Feder

4.  MUHS Graduation

5.  Betty Nuovo with Bill Brooks (1/13/12)

6.  UD#3 Board Meeting (4/3/13)

7.  Middlebury Congregational Church Service (7/28/13)

8.  Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force (11/18/98)