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October’s Most Popular Videos

November 4, 2013

Halloween has come and gone, but a local team produced a scary movie for CATV’s Halloween-o-Thon 2013, which earned Clare Molineaux a Best Actress award for the middle school division.


The video is available here, and her team will be in the studio shortly to discuss the making of their film, Death in the Forest.

Below are the 10 most popular videos on our website for the past month.

1.  Middlebury Five-O with Jennifer Stefani 10/1/13


2.  Selectboard Meeting 10/22/13


3.  Middlebury Five-O with Chris Hammond 10/8/13


4.  Selectboard Meeting 10/8/13

5.  Middlebury Baptist Church Service 9/29/13

6.  Town Offices Steering Committee Meeting 9/12/13

7.  Middlebury Five-O with Tom Husk 10/15/13

8.  Vermont Gas Meeting 4/15/13

9.  Middlebury Five-O with Patrick Reen & Jennefer Eaton 10/25/13

10.  Middlebury Congregational Church Service 9/29/13